Pacoima Corrido


im from wild ones on the corner of de foe

with atom-smashing tattoos on arms for each year in juvy

earshot of bachata palabras about their next fix

who at night walk by graveyard guards

finding brown bottles filled with silence in their beds

that drive past glass smokers dying with stars

silently singing   una copa mas

voices like names autographed on concrete with thumbs

veteranos seer futures under the 5 freeway 

sell them in stencil graffiti posters saying 

im from those who go to norms at 5 am

ordering black coffee & gumbo

counting billetes

hearing nearby talk about

ricks blood on the tracks

isaacs all eyez on me

shartays illmatic

julios un canto al pueblo

diegos the band

oscars damaged 


im from those who have bullet-tongues with baleen teeth

who conspire inside playa azul pool hall for change

the projects on pierce   sundry colored legos

blazon joints in zip bags   mouth drum moms 

fifth fridays   carne asada saturdays   sunday santos 

fixies on cement sand   vagabondos on nowhere shorelines

im from nopaleros who had nothing

but dirt-hearts and 99¢ dreams

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© by Moncho Alvarado